Avoid Tip-Toeing! Asli and Palsu Perhiasan in this manner

kode 925 emas asli apa palsu

Batam – There has been a long history of selling palsu that is unsightly and that impoverishes the populace, whether it is perak sold as emas putih or by means of the penanda keaslian perhiasan that is being palsuked. Batuan mulia also frequently gets palled up. Consequently, it is very important to remain calm and collected when refusing to purchase the requested item.

Here are a few simple methods that will help you understand what legal definitions are true and what legal definitions are false.

Mulia logam

Cap tanda on the mulia’s logam (hallmark)

The most reliable method for determining which logam mulia that is naturally associated with palsu is to do cap tandanya cermati. (hallmark). Online, you can find hallmark data from a variety of different logs that are different from one another and compare it to the data on your request.

The anchor that is thrown must be secure and easy to catch. If not, it would be best if you refrained from purchasing that promise. Cukup letakkan tanda koma setelah digit angka kedua untuk mengerti jumlah tepat dari logam mulia yang tertera di hallmark. The symbol you are exposed to will reveal your perception of your own logam mulia. For example, if the cap reads 925. This indicates that the logam mulia that is present in your perhiasan is 92,5%.

Magnet for keaslian carving

Baja sepuhan or another type of logam campuran has a high besi content that changes during the imitation process. Perhiasan asli with a mulia tinggi logam kandungan won’t affect the magnet. Mengetes perhiasan dengan magnet when you’re going to buy it is therefore a good idea.

Ask whether the assertion is accurate.

Logam mulia like perak and platinum are quite similar, and this is what causes them to be so frequently dropped. Perak is marketed as platinum, and buyers of awam will suffer because they can’t adjust for it. Perhiasan platinum palsu that is often made in Perak is easy to work with and bright. However, platinum is not the same. In addition, emas will produce jejak emas if they are placed on porselin or keramik that has not yet been baked. Emas palsu will cause bekas abu-abu or hitam to fly.

Tes with Severe Kimchi Fabric

Utilizing kapur

The easiest way to assess the quality of logam mulia is by using kapur tulis. It is best to store perak-colored items in tulip-shaped containers, and if the perak-warning colour changes and becomes noticeably gelappier, your perak is original.

Utilize Iodine

Keaslian emas can be cured with iodine tincture. After completing pengujian, if Anda notices noda on the perhiasan, it is clear that Anda is palsu.

Employing a cuka

When you give someone a cuka, emas palsu will quickly begin to melt. Therefore, to detect keaslian perhiasan, tuang some cuka in the gelas and bid perhiasan terendam cuka for five hours.

 Using sulphur dioxide salep (belerang)

Utilizing belerang salep, Perak is able to determine its status. If the said perak is genuine, a birch-colored warning signal will appear and it will be simple to scatter it.

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