Istana Intervensi Golkar-PAN-PPP Coalition

koalisi golkar-pan-ppp diduga intervensi istana

The coalition known as the Koalisi Indonesia Bersatu has successfully intervened in the Istana. Koalisi gagasan jelang Pemilu 2024 besutan Partai Golkar, PAN, and PPP.

Hendri Satrio, a political expert from Universitas Paramadina, says that the Istana has a stake in the Koalisi Indonesia Bersatu coalition because it is a component of the pemerintah coalition.

There is a major question: Is there any arahan from the Istana? Due to tiga-tiganya parpol, the government. No, it’s only to say goodbye to the tokoh before the parpol. In the discussion of Polemik Trijaya’s “Kasak Kusuk Koalisi Partai dan Capres 2024,” held on Saturday, May 14, 2022, Hendri stated that the most important question at the time was whether or not the Istana had an arahan.

The beginning of the project

 is Sikap Golkar and PAN, which are constantly mentioning the demands of the Pemilu 2024 election and the perpanjangan of the presidential election period.

Hendri continued by saying that the koalist’s stated goals were not clear. According to her, given the rising electability of the party, it is possible that it will only be capable of achieving its goals in 2024.

Yet, Eddy Soeparno, the Sekretaris Jenderal PAN, disanggah pendapat tersebut. She stresses that no other government agencies, other than the Istana, are intervening in the Koalisi Indonesia Bersatu process.

Gerindra understood that Golkar would begin to make plans for 2024.

This is due to the fact that the coalition in question does not have the potential to produce a calon presiden (capres) with strong electability who could take office in 2024.

“Tantangan itu, kekurangan dari koalisi kalau itu ada (tak ada tokoh capres potensial). Saya observed the upcoming goyah koalisi in “Lihat saja nanti perkembangannya,” “Ujang kata.

Ujang Menilai Langkah Mendeklarasikan Koalisi Ketika Golkar, PAN dan PPP Secara Dini Seperti Ini Rentan Digembosi.

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