Among other places, Citilink offers free rapid test services to Penumpang in Batam.

klinik pintar citilink batam

For all users, Citilink is providing a free, quick COVID-19 test service. Moreover, this service is available to residents of Batam, Kepulauan Riau.

Citilink’s website

Citilink’s website and mobile apps allow users to make new reservations by purchasing tickets, and the Covid-19 rapid test service is available to them for free.

According to the official Citilink website on Wednesday (1/7/2020), “Pemesanan tiket pesawat Date of Issued (DOI) per tanggal 1 -7 Juli 2020 dengan jadwal penerbangan Date of Travel (DOT) per tanggal 2 – 31 Juli 2020.”

After paying for the ticket, the customer will receive an electronic ticket with a link to register for the service and a unique number as a means of receiving the Quick Test Covid-19 service for free.

For users who receive the Quick Test Covid-19 service for free but do not use it (do not submit a claim), the account will automatically expire.

“The Free Quick Test Covid-19 Service cannot be used to pay for it and refunds cannot be processed,” declares Citilink.

Batam’s Mitra Klinik Citilink

To complete the Quick Test Covid-19 claim process, individuals may visit a clinic that complies with the Mitra Klinik Citilink & Klinik Pintar directory continuously (Walk-In).

Free fast test services from Citilink are available in Batam at two hospitals, Klinik Assifa Bengkong and Klinik Batam Sehat Center in the neighbourhood of Sagulung.

There are two things that are required for the Quick Test Covid-19 claim, namely: E-Ticket and Kartu Identitas.

“Penumpang must visit the Mitra Clinic at least 12 hours before the start of the keberangkatan. Like with Surat Edaran Gugus Tugas Covid-19, the quick test result statement only lasts for 14 hours “similar to what Citilink stated.

Rapid test results can be understood within 10 minutes of the test’s completion.

If the results indicate that the system is non-reactive, the subject will receive the results of the investigation and receive the ethical code that is necessary in order to use the underground transportation mode.

If the results are Reactive, then Penumpang is transferred to the Rumah Sakit Rujukan for further explanation.

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