Five Ritual Pesugihan Facts: Orang Tega Congkel Mata An 8 Year Old

pasukan rusia temukan indomie di lokasi perang ukraina

The incident happened in Gowa, Sulawesi Selatan, when one member of a single keluarga spoke to a 6-year-old boy who was a gadis. The tak manusiawi incident that was reported in the small-scale berinisial AP in question was carried out by the group in question due to pesugihan.

Tersangka pelaku sadis pencokelan mata gadis 6 tahun telah diamankan pihak kepolisian Goa, Sulawesi Selatan, dikutip dari akun Instagram @infokbb id, saat 4 September 2021.

At this time, Korban has been granted medical care at RSUD Syekh Yusuf in Sungguminasa, Gowa, Sulawesi Selatan. Here are five facts about ritualised human sacrifice up to and including the killing of an infant’s mother, as reported by Batamnews on

Pakai Jari Ibu Congkel Mata

Korban was quickly laid to rest by Bayu, the pamanny. According to the 34-year-old woman, the mata keponakannya was dismembered on September 1st, the previous year, when the mother herself used jari tangan without a bantuan alat.

When the mother is engaged in caring for the child, the sung suami or ayah korban, together with the nenek and kakek korban, are engaged in tangan and kaki korban memegangi. Paman korban berinisial S, the sole other player, is the one who attacks the korban chief.

“Saya just left the office. There is some tension, to be sure. I observed the subject’s hendak mata korban behaviour. Babinkantibmas Malino is someone I’ve been wanting to contact “Bayu should brief the media.

Keempat pelaku, aside from paman korban, continued to be addressed to Polsek Tinggimoncong. In contrast, Paman Korban melarikan himself.

Doing Penganiayaan in the Home

According to Polres Gowa’s chief of police, the suspect’s family was already intoxicated when police began searching his home in Malino, Kecamatan Tinggimoncong, in the Sulsel region.

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