Niat Puasa Asyura Dibaca Malam This Day Till Tomorrow, August 10, 2021

puasa 18 19 agustus 2021

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Puasa Asyura is a special occasion during the month of Muharram. This puasa can be criticised by anyone with niat puasa asyura that is specific and somewhat different from other puasas of Sunnah.

If you are about to launch Puasa Tasua 2021 on this day, make sure to finish with Puasa Asyura on that day. Hukum dan niat puasa asyura can be shown in the article below, whatever the method.

2021 Jadwal Puasa Asyura

On the tenth day of Muharram, the asyura puja took place. The current year’s solar year, 1443 H, will end on August 19, 2021. If you are unable to complete it, please continue as soon as possible on September 9, 1443 H or August 18, 2021.

Asyura Niat Puasa

From the above single-word explanation, we understand that Rasulullah SAW views Asyura as a very important puasa. If you’re going to use it, here’s some latin for you to read

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Asyura and Tasu’a’s official names are as follows:

In latin script, this is niat puasa Tasu’a:

Nawaitu shauma ghadin ‘an ada’i sunnatil Taasuu’aa, in the name of Allah, the Almighty.

“Aku berniat puasa sunah Taasuu’aa esok hari because of Allah SWT,” says the art.

Asyura, in the name of Allah, the Almighty, says: Nawaitu shauma ghadin ‘an ada’i sunnatil Asyura.

“Aku berniat puasa sunah Asyura esok hari because of Allah SWT,” said the speaker.

And for the Latin phrase in the next paragraph that was said by Abu Dawud:

In the name of Allah, dzahabaz zhama’u wabtallatil ‘uruqu wa tsabatal ajru.

Artinya: “Urat-urat telah basah serta pahala sudah tetap, In syaa Allah. Telah hilang rasa haus.

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