Putin’s “Uraa” or “Arti Kata Ura” became viral in Sosmed.

arti ura rusia

Several people have a problem with the use of the word “Ura” or “Uraa” by Russian President Vladimir Putin during his invasion of Ukraine.

Regardless of whether it is during a parade or when the troops are in camp, Russia consistently uses the word Ura or Uraa. This fact causes me to become more reflective.

This parade of militers hasn’t yet been held in Russia, along with other former USSR nations including Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Uzbekimenistan, Belarus, and Georgia.

As is known, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of military operations against Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

What Indonesian word for “Ura” or “Uraa” does President Putin use to denigrate Russia?

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Russians frequently use the kata Ura or Uraa while expressing their feelings, whether in conversation or in other contexts.

One of the citizens of Russia wrote in their TikTok account that Uraa has expressive arts that may convey meaning.

“It is written in this way: “Ura” kayak “hore hore,” exactly. No, at the time Russia and Japan were at war, they were both passing missiles at each other, as Urraaa gitu. It is not true at all, “in a TikTok video that was posted on January 29, 2022.

In contrast, ura-ura have a form of perunding or pembacaraan in KBBI. It’s either a berunding or a bercakap-cakap situation.

There is also a similar word in Indonesia called “hura,” which comes from the Belanda language and means “hip hip hura.” It was formerly referred to as “ura” by Indonesian citizens who were protesting Belgium’s desire to invade their country once more in October 1945.

Pelaut yang membuat “hip hip” di sebuah pidato ini diahuti pendengarnya dengan “hura” dengan lantang. Its “hip hip hura” paraphrase refers to the first group of Indonesians to cross across into Belgium as part of the country’s effort to send its citizens back home.

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