Paris Pernandes and Tinju Azka Corbuzier will duel, as will Begini Faktanya.

azka vs paris

Warganet collaborated with Paris Pernandes and Azka Corbuzier on “Salam from Binjai.” Merujuk ke ramaian poster, seolah-olah menggambarkan akan menghadirkan kembali pertandingan tinju seperti Azka Corbuzier vs. Vicky Prasetyo.

It is true that as more time and hours had passed, both videos on YouTube’s Azka Corbuzier channel appeared to be more like they were in a relaxed state. Video berdurasi kurang lebih 15 menit itu dimulai dari Azka Corbuzier dan Paris Pernandes beradu skor melalui mesin tinju atau biasa disebut Dragon Punch.

Azka, who was Nada’s adopted child Deddy Corbuzier, grew up. Nothing worked and the result was 5. Azka Corbuzier is more serious than the number 666. In the second round, the score increased to 677.

Paris Pernandes enters

 Petinju amatir from Binjai, Sumatra Utara, requested permission to engage in play. It is possible to do so; the highest score is between 910 and 926. As Azka began to speak, Paris Pernandes was unable to respond.

“Are you still in Paris? Never again should you treat her the same, Ayok again “Deddy Corbuzier entered a comment after the song.

Boxing is about talent, quickness, and technique, Azka said.

The other Babak from the “pertandingan” Azka Corbuzier VS Paris today is to watch as the two engage in combat. Compared to Paris, Azka has a greater number of people who are willing to engage in menyerang. But, she kept going straight and Azka kewalahan.

It is clear that neither of them is a seimbang lawan. Paris Pernandes is 21 years old and Azka Corbuzier is 15 years old, whether in a formal or informal setting.

As the creator of the video with the title “AZKA CORBUZIER VS PARIS PERNANDES!! NADA KETAKUTAN,” Deddy Corbuzier offers a tag team strategy. Vicky Prasetyo and Aldi Taher were captured after the man used Paris Pernandes and Azka as bait.

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