4 Pangkalan Militer AS that is located in Indonesia, specifically in Samping Batam

pangkalan militer amerika di indonesia

As a global superpower, America has a large population around the world. There are actually eight pangkalans that are close to Indonesia. Perhaps the closest city is Singapore, which is near Kota Batam.

Let’s be strategic, Indonesia. Keberadaan pangkalan-pangkalan militer that is nearby must be addressed with due diligence by Indonesia’s internationally recognised government. As a result, throughout the last few years, relations between major nations have consistently moved towards permukaan.

Here are four millilitre scales that are close to Indonesia:


Negeri Paman Sam has never consciously acknowledged the existence of the military’s pangkalan in Singapore. Nonetheless, Kementerian Pertahanan AS has admitted in the past to having a base of operations in Negeri Singa.

On the ulasan, the Global Security website asserts that there are also more migrants in Singapore than just pangkalan migrants. Dermaga Sembawang in Singapore is a location where AS kapal-kapal perang is always “bersandar.”

Since 1960, kapal-kapal from Angkatan Laut AS have been operating in Sembawang for maintenance, repairs, and expansion as well as serving as a location for kru kapal re-creation and training.

A 1990 agreement between Singapore and the United States stated that the United States would use facilities in Singapore, and that during the implementation of that agreement, Sembawang facilities would be used more frequently.

Sembawang is only the Komando Pusat Logistics Pasifik Barat for the Armada ke-7 Angkatan Laut AS and Pusat Angkatan Laut Regional Singapura, the Kementerian Pertahanan AS frequently states.

In addition to using Pangkalan Udara Paya Lebar from Singapore, Militer AS was also used in Pelabuhan Sembawang. The presence of facilities in the area is shown by Angkatan Udara and Marine AS. The sole American nation that operates Pangkalan Udara Paya Lebar is America.


If Singapore only has “persiapan” logistics, then Australia has already received the pasukan marinernya. In 2011, then-US President Barack Obama announced plans to build an AS flagpole outside of Darwin, Australia.

The aforementioned pasukan monitoring will take place under under supervision and with a one-month rotation. By 2016, it is anticipated that there will be approximately 2.500 AS sailors stationed in the relevant area of northern Australia.

Initially, a 200-person contingent was established in April 2012. Penempatan pasukan AS di Darwin is intended to stop China’s expansion in the area that the AS views as a threat. Not just for Negeri Paman Sam, but also for a few neighbouring nations.

Not just in Australia’s northern territory, but AS will also build a military base on Pulau Cocos, which is only about 3,000 kilometres from Jakarta’s eastern border.

According to forecasts, AS will also detect pesawat-pesawat intai that isn’t being behaving normally, designating this area as the location of Samudra Hindia’s de facto headquarters in the future. According to the BBC, Indonesia has occasionally sent diplomatic notes to the governments of Australia and the United States in order to request information regarding the situation.

Jose Garcia

Diego Garcia, who is presently residing in Samudra Hindia, is an English-speaking island, but since the 1970s, it has served as a location for militer training and the procurement of pesawat-related raw materials. Approximately 1.700 militers and 1.500 sipil contractors are present on the island at this time.

Name of the island changed after the MH370 tragedy. There is speculation that the pesawat computer belonging to Malaysia Airlines had become a sasaran peretasan or had crashed while in the air. This condition is what ultimately causes the pesawat’s arc to recur.

The pesawat arc continued to weaken until it reached Pulau Diego Garcia, which served as the base for the Angkatan Laut AS. It was determined that the pesawat was terrorist, similar to the events of September 11, 2001, hence the building was later modified to read AS. As of now, Bantahan has been introduced on this issue.


The nearest other MIliter AS nation to Indonesia is the Philippines. According to data from the US Department of Defense, there were about 130 people in the Philippines in 2012.

In April 2014, when things first started to take off, the Philippines and the US made a conscious effort to increase their joint work in the Laut China Selatan region.

The current situation enables AS to have access to numerous militer pangkalan, pelabuhan, and udara lanes going all the way to the bottom.

Yet, AS is not known to have built a permanent pangkalan militer. The current protest serves as protection from many Filipino citizens who are participating in a large AS demonstration in Manila.

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