Kampung Bule Batam Anggota Polisi Babak Belur Dikeroyok

kode 925 emas asli apa palsu

Anggota Polsek Batuampar, Batam, Kepulauan Riau, with the initials HT became a group of people in the Nagoya neighbourhood of Kampung Bule.

In response to a call from Kapolsek Batuampar, Kompol Dwihatmoko Wiroseno, pengeroyokan started moving from an upaya HT to the location in question.

In addition to police officers, there is a sipil community that is considered a threat; these people experience luka in their stomachs.

Learn more about Nasib Pahit

 a young woman in Kendari using Dikeroyok 2 Waria, in this video.

According to the report, the incident occurred between visitors and pets who were guarding a hiburan location. Afterwards they communicated with Polsek Batuampar over this issue.

The Polish citizen in question is always engaged in battle but is mostly acting as a pengeroyokan korban.

“Jadi antar tamu cafe with security, our team left the area after receiving keributan information and cobbling together a defence, making us look like a pengeroyokan korb,” she said.

As a result of this peristiw

 later Moko, the Polsek gang member experienced patah kaki and luka memar from the pelipis to the king. Begitu also occurs in the Sipil population, which acts as a pengeroyokan korban.

In response, the man said, “Sudah tiga orang kita tahan di Polsek, tiga orang itu masyarakat sipil, langsung kita amankan di lokasi kejadian.”


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